Movie Review- “47 Meters Down”

The trailers for this movie were interesting. I had not seen a good suspense movie in quite some time. The trailers made this seem like an incredibly suspenseful movie. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. And I went into the movie with really low expectations.

The starts with Lisa (Mandy Moore) and her sister Kate (Claire Holt) who are vacationing in Mexico, after Lisa had broken up with her boyfriend. Needing some adventure, they meet two guys who convince them that encountering sharks in a safety cage will help bring excitement to there vacation.

While Lisa is apprehensive at first, her sister convinces her to do it. They get the safety gear, oxygen masks, etc. However, things go wrong as the chain holding the cage breaks, and Lisa and Kate plunge to the bottom of the ocean. With their oxygen running out and sharks swimming about in the water, they have very limited time to save themselves.

When I went into this, I had no idea that Mandy Moore was the main character. She is an actress who always seems to have a “constantly worried” face. Pairing that with her flat, one-dimensional acting, I tried to focus on the story itself. For a suspense movie, this was probably one of the most boring suspense movies that I have ever seen.

The character development was seriously lacking. During any movie, we should at least like one of the characters. With this movie, I really did not care whether they lived or died. However, I will say that there is a small plot twist near the end of the movie, which gives it a very cryptic ending. I want to find someone else who saw the movie and interpreted the ending the way I did. The cryptic ending is the highlight of the whole movie.

Had the movie been in 3D, or made us feel as if we were in the cage with them (which they might have tried to do, but failed), I might have given it a slightly higher grade. But unfortunately, this movie was a wasted effort. Not suspenseful (and this is coming from someone who has seen most Hitchcock movies), sub-par acting, weak script. But, it ended on a slightly positive note.

My Rating: D+


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