Movie Review- “Before I Fall”

This movie interested me at first because it dealt with an interesting aspect of time travel: the time loop. More famously portrayed by Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day”, he was stuck living the same day over and over again, until he found a way to break the curse. “Before I Fall” seems to be a “Mean Girls” meets “Groundhog Day”, which does seem to be a very odd combination.

The story centers on Samantha  (Zoey Deutch) who along with her other shallow friends Lindsay (Halston Sage), Ally (Cynthy Wu), and Elody (Medalion Rahimi) attend a party thrown by fellow classmate Kent. While at the party, dramatic events unfold, mostly involving outcast classmate Juliet (Elena Kampouris), who the girls pick on every day at school. As the girls leave the party and drive home, they get into a car accident. But, for Samantha, the day just starts over again. What will she do differently?

I really enjoyed Zoey Deutch’s acting in this movie. She played the role very well. While I don’t deny that the four main females are indeed aesthetically pleasing, Zoey just seemed to outshine the rest. Some of the more minor characters in the movie could have been fleshed out a little bit more. Some scenes in the movie seemed a bit rushed, others seemed pointless to the story. Maybe there are a good amount of edited content on the cutting room floor.

Despite the lack of depth or detail to various characters or scenes, the story itself in told very well. It comes full circle at the end of the movie, which i think worked really well for a movie like this. My biggest complaint would be the script. Half of the dialogue seemed cringe-worthy. While I know that this movie was targeted for teenagers (rated PG-13, after all), I don’t know any teenagers that talk/act like they do for about half the movie.

This is not a movie I would recommend to others. While it was “watchable” and the story ties together really well, the teen angst aspect of the movie really kills it in the end.

My Rating: C-


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